Awaisi, Inc.


Awaisi, Inc. offers a full range of IT services from desktop tech support to custom applications. We offer custom applications and rehabilitation of existing applications built in FileMaker and We can also assist with department level and campus level network design as well as troubleshooting and expertise in Window, Mac, and Unix environments.

If you have a chaotic relationship with our computers, give us a call at 732-927-1250 or email us at Let us help you. Ask for Commander Salamander.

We are certified with the following technologies:

AppleĀ  Certified Mac OS X Professional

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

FileMaker Certified Developer, versions 11, 10, 9



Apple Certified Support Professional

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer




Member of FileMaker Business Alliance

FileMaker Certified Developer v11FileMaker Certified Developer v10FileMaker Certified v9


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