Awaisi, Inc.

FileMaker Rehabilitation

Awaisi, Inc. has rebuilt and refreshed multiple existing FileMaker applications with great success. Oftentimes, the department personnel have changed over and the requirements of the system have grown or changed. Investing in a re-build of your FileMaker system will reap returns such as faster work processes, fine-tuned work procedures, and happy personnel.

We have worked with systems made for the medical field, sales & marketing departments, accounting departments, and media subscription departments. We have worked on a range of systems  from single-user systems to nation-wide implementations.

If you have a chaotic relationship with your FileMaker system, give us a call at 732-927-1250 or email us at Let us help you. Ask for Commander Salamander.

We are certified with the following technologies:

FileMaker Certified Developer v11




FileMaker Certified Developer v10



FileMaker Certified

Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance


  1. Stephen Larese says:

    I’m getting an error code 807 (“file not Filemaker or severely damaged”) for FMP10 files that have crashed in an apparent hard drive failure. I’ve tried the ‘recovery’ in FMP, I’ve called FMP and my IT person has tried several other solutions; all of no help. Any help to recover these files most important. Thanks!

  2. admin says:


    I would be happy to give it a shot. call me at 732-927-1250 or email me at to make arrangements to look at the files.

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