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New iPhone 6S restored from iPhone 5s Backup on iTunes carries no Health App data.

Apple’s iPhone 5S comes with a Health app that tracks your movements. You can also add Sleep data, body measurements, blood test measurements, and whole battery of additional data.   Unfortunately, it does not back up to local iTunes backup. When you set up your new iPhone from local iTunes backup, you will have an […]

Method for deleting ADFSAppPool, or ADFS Application Pool, from IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008

We recently installed Active Directory Federated Services version 2.0 on Windows Server 2008. In the course of testing, we had to delete and re-install. We followed instructions found here, here, and here. Sadly, IIS kicked up an error “application pool cannot be deleted because it contains 1 applications” when we tried to delete ADFSAppPool. After many attempts, […]

Tips and Tricks for connecting Amazon VPC to CheckPoint Firewall via IPSEC VPN tunnel

One of the services that Amazon Web Services offers that makes it so appealing is “Virtual Private Cloud“. This service allows you to create what is in effect a subnet of your corporate network on Amazon’s cloud, complete with as many VMs as you need. One of the more ambitious configurations is the scenario with […]

Google Contacts not ready for prime time

Google contacts, as a section of Google’s Gmail, is fraught some bad behavior. 1) Duplication of contact entries during syncing with Blackberries and iPhones, as chronicled here, here, and here. 2) Duplication of addresses within contact entries. The Gmail interface has built-in tags called “My Contacts”, and “Other Contacts”. You, the user, will enter addresses and […]